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Start of the 17th Asturian Sailing Week




The Asturian Sailing Week returns to the waters off Asturias. The competition, which traverses the central Asturian coast between August 11 and 16, was launched at the Town Hall of Carreño by the mayor of the town council, Amelia Fernández, the mayor of Gozón, Jorge Suárez, the chairman of the Luanco Maritime Club, Francisco Artime, and the director of the EDP Foundation, Nicanor Fernández. The Asturian Sailing Week, which is celebrating its seventeenth edition, was organised by the Luanco Maritime Club with the sponsorship of the EDP Foundation and Liberbank.

The first regatta will be held on Tuesday. It will be in pairs mode, in which pairs of sailors will sail the Cantabrian Sea from the port of Gijón to the port of Luanco, along the Candás coast.

The second regatta will be on Thursday 13. It will be a reverse regatta, which will take the vessels from Gijón to Luanco. In this mode, the start is carried out in stages, depending on the type of vessel of the participants. Victory will go to the skipper who reaches Luanco in first position.

Over the weekend of August 15 and 16, two races will be contested. On Saturday it will be the coastal race. Vessels will depart from Candás, cross Luanco and finish their journey in Gijon. On Sunday, the Windward-Leeward Race will take place in the bay of Gijon.

Prizes will be handed out on Sunday August 16, at the Luanco Maritime Museum, starting at 9:00 p.m..

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