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Results of Energy Solidarity 2016.




The second edition of Energy Solidarity concluded with the implementation of improvements in the energy efficiency of the homes of 90 families and 8 Cáritas and Red Cross centres in Asturias, the Basque Country, Cantabria and Zaragoza. The investment of more than 145,000 euros benefited nearly 1,200 people.

Since its launch in 2015, Energy Solidarity has helped 153 families and 9 centres. In total, 2,500 people have benefited from the initiative, which has accumulated an investment of 263,000 euros.

Energy Solidarity is an initiative carried out in collaboration with Cáritas and the Red Cross, aimed at increasing the security, welfare and energy efficiency of the poorest families and collaborating NGO centres. The average annual saving achieved with the implementation of the measures is estimated at 18%.

The initiative is being carried out in various phases. Firstly, Cáritas and the Red Cross are identifying and reporting on families and homes that are eligible for this action, so that EDP can plan to visit them.

During these visits, EDP carries out an energy audit and proposes improvements in the energy efficiency of each family. With the data obtained, a plan of action is devised for implementing the improvement actions in each home, and these will be monitored and checked.

Families are informed of the measures to be implemented and trained in consumption habits, measures for saving energy and energy bills, with the collaboration of volunteers from the company.

To carry out this initiative, the EDP Foundation has the participation of the different business areas of EDP, in particular the operations and customer service departments, and is open to the cooperation of all employees. Collaboration is managed through the Corporate Volunteer Programme.

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