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Positive energy for the day of the voluntary military service




Saturday 8 of June, 29 people between EDP volunteers and neighbors of the locality, they participated in the popular cleaning of the beach of Barrika (Bizkaia), rocky and difficult. They mainly picked up 2 tons of nonorganic residues and much wood, that at the request of the City council was piled up in the same beach to be burned in the Sanjuanada of the 24 of June. The retirement of residues, raising and lowering more than 300 steps of access to the beach, was not far from easy. When finalizing, they enjoyed all together ones hamaiketako accompanied by the Mayor by Barrika, Jose Madariaga Marin, and other representatives of the City council of the locality.

Right one week later, Saturday 15 of June, 51 employees of EDP, relatives and friendly participated like volunteers in a plantation of fruit trees in Desert of Teverga (Asturias), accompanied by members of FAPAS. Cherry trees and service trees of hunters in a property nailed in this zone planted osera of Asturias, and through the explanations of Roberto Sanchez, president of FAPAS, they knew something more on the ecology of the bear and habitats. Two experimental beehives served to explain the importance to them of the pollination for the conservation of the biodiversity and how these models of beehives resist to the attacks of brown bear. The plantation finalized with a deserved rustic picnic.

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