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Nothing produces more positive energy than music! Let's donate ours to the Ukrainian comminity!


Music has been, is and will be a universal tool of unity, fraternity and peace. To this end, ABAO and the EDP Foundation are launching a campaign to collect funds following the call from the Red Cross to send aid to Ukraine.

During performances of the Alzira opera, ABAO is providing a physical stand for all spectators in the lobby of Bilbao's Euskalduna building, to enable them to make donations before the opera starts and also during the interval. The performances will be on 23, 25, 27 and 30 April.

The Red Cross is providing a Bizum number for all those wishing to support the cause with donations. It has also created a "Row 0" facility, for contributions to this solidarity cause without actually going to the opera: ES32 2095 0000 7821 9900 5695 (Item: Ukraine).

Because we believe in the energy and the healing power of music. We are more than music. We are energy.

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