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Laughter therapy and music therapy for children with cancer




Numerous studies endorse the medical benefits of the therapies based on music and laughter. On the one hand, they help to reduce the patients’ levels of anxiety, stress and pain, and, on the other hand, they help the patients to feel better, reduce the amount of medicine needed and, consequently, the time spent in hospital.

The EDP FOUNDATION is convinced about the health benefits of these therapies and aims to help to drive this type of initiatives. Juan Carlos Fernández Gutiérrez, the chairman of ASPANOVAS, and Rafael Carlos, representing the EDP Foundation, therefore signed an agreement on 8 October to help to organise laughter therapy and music therapy sessions for children with cancer at the Cruces Hospital.

Just before the signing of the agreement, the EDP FOUNDATION was with the Association at the sessions organised to raise awareness about child cancer organised at El Arenal in Bilbao, where many families could enjoy the many activities. This Fun Day was an opportunity for families with children with cancer to spend time together and raise awareness among society.

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