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It’s up to us: more than 9.000 hours of volunteering




We cleaned beaches and forests in Portugal. We protected indigenous birds in Spain and wild orchids in the UK. We planted trees in Poland, collected waste from Brazilian beaches and created an urban vegetable garden in Italy.

Upwards of 1,600 volunteers took part in the It’s Up to Us 2013 program, which, as in previous years, involved EDP workers and partners in actions aimed at environmental protection and preservation of biodiversity.

Some 30 initiatives throughout the month of June resulted in more than 9,000 hours of volunteer work in a contribution to society that also involved 48 partner companies.

In Portugal, the It’s Up to Us Environment 2013 program spanned the country from north to south, with more than 17 initiatives involving 1,200 volunteers and more than 6,500 hours of volunteer work.

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