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Institutional visit to environmental activities carried out by EDP Renewables and Maxam at the Villasandino lakes in Burgos




EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), is participating today in an institutional visit organised by the Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León to the Villasandino lakes in the province of Burgos. The site has undergone major environmental restoration sponsored by EDP Renewables and Maxam within the framework of the agreement signed with the region’s Natural Heritage Foundation.

Environmental restoration in aggregate extraction areas in Villasandino has focused on boosting the renaturation of the surrounding vegetation to increase its flood capacity. These actions have created a wetland system which promotes a controlled layer of flooding on exceptional occasions when the river Odra swells. The project allows improvements to the habitats of numerous aquatic species, adapting the area through the creation of islets. Furthermore, a substantial improvement was made to the surrounding landscape, adapting the banks to prevent erosion and to insulate the area from noise from the motorway.

The Natural Heritage Foundation shall be represented at the institutional event by Mr José Manuel Jiménez Blázquez, a member of the Foundation’s board and head of the Regional Government of Castilla y León’s Department for Sustainability and Environmental Quality. On behalf of EDP Renewables, the event is to be attended by the company’s delegate for Castilla y León, David Abascal Sagredo, and Manuel Fernández García de Campo, Head of Sustainability and Environment. Maxam will be represented by its Director Ángel Ibarra Ibarretxe.

The sponsorship agreement signed by EDPR with the Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León also includes other activities, such as:

  • Improvements at the intensive hunting area BU-10.601, including the restoration of various natural ponds in Carcedo de Burgos.
  • Construction of a visitor’s centre in Aliseda de Tormes.
  • Adaptation of the pathways at the “Lagunas glaciares de Neila” natural park and signposts showing regulations for public use.
  • Monitoring of the Dupont’s Lark in the area of Medinaceli.
  • Monitoring, preservation and improvement of the habitats of the Black Stork, the Cinereous Vulture, the Spanish Imperial Eagle and other birds of prey in the province of Ávila.

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