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Fundación EDP sponsors “Ecology applied to Business”




The course was aimed at recent graduates in Environmental Science, Biology, Engineering and similar fields. It was opened at the Fundación Biodiversidad by Encarna Aguilar, Head of the UIMP campus in Seville and by Miguel Ferrer Baena, CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) Co-ordinator for Andalusia. 

Participants included Des Thompson (editor of Journal of Applied Ecology), Manuela de Lucas Castellanos (CSIC, Doñana Biological Research Station), Manuel Enrique Fiqueroa Clemente (US), Juan Luis Ramos Martín (Abengoa Research), Ana Segura Carnicero (CSIC, Arid Zones Experimental Station), Fernando J. Valladares (CSIC, Natioanl Natural Science Museum), Beatriz Martín Morcuende (Fundación Migres) Alfonso Lazo (Asistencias Técnicas Clave SL), Joaquín Jesús Merino (Emerita Resources), José Miguel Nieto and Ana María Sánchez de la Campa (University of Huelva), Vicente Galván López and Valentín Alfaya Arias (Ferrovial) and Cristina Vigón Bautista (EDP), who gave a talk on on-shore wind farms at 16:30 on 29 October.

Infrastructures, characteristics, impacts, legislation and regulations, corrective and offsetting measures, solutions in the struggle against climate change, biotechnology for environmental purposes, the struggle against pollution and issues related to water and air quality in mining are among the contents examined at the event under the direction of Mr. Ferrero Baena.

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