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Fundación EDP sponsors “Cen Contos de Nadal” contest




At the beginning of the school year the call went out for the 11th edition of this story-writing contest that highlights the creativity of talented youngsters from schools in the municipalities of the Costa da Morte area of A Coruña province (near the wind farms of Zas, Dumbria and Muxia).  

Stories must be submitted in November, and the names of the winners are announced at Christmas. The winning stories are compiled into a book, the publication costs for which are funded by EDP.

Last year 7500 copies were distributed with La Voz de Galicia, and many more were sent directly to the main schools in the area and to local councils for distribution at village schools.

José Toja Parejo, the EDP Renováveis delegate in Galicia, was one of those who handed out the awards to the winners in 2013. At the award ceremony he confirmed the Portuguese-based company’s commitment to the Costa da Morte area. That commitment will, naturally, be extended again this Christmas.

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