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Fundación EDP and EDP Renováveis co-operate with the La Roda Women’s Race


With a course of 6.5 km, entry was free. The race started with and shared part of the course of the half marathon, thus raising its media profile. It was staged as a non-competitive event, though commemorative certificates were handed over to the first three participants to finish.  

The company thus provided support for the La Roda Municipal Council, the Castilla-la-Mancha Women’s Centre and the Provincial Council as organisers. The la Cañada athletics club in La Roda set up a seven-week training plan, and potential participants were advised that they needed to be able to run non-stop for at least 15 minutes and alternate walking and running for at least an hour.

The 12th La Roda Half Marathon featured over 900 athletes, but the unexpectedly high temperatures led to around 100 of them failing to finish.

David González of the ADM Madrid club and María Ángeles Magán of the CA Albacete-Diputación club were the winners. The event is part of a circuit of fun runs organised by the Provincial Council of Albacete.

Aside from the run itself, various local groups set up stalls along the course to cheer the competitors on, and 916 kg of foodstuffs was donated to Caritas: 1 kg for each participant who entered.

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