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EDP volunteers have been trained to share their knowledge with charitable organisations that the EDP Foundation has supported through EDP Solidarity




It is an initiative aimed at facilitating social development and strengthening the organisational skills of the entities that the Foundation has supported through EDP Solidarity.

On Friday, March 29, volunteer teachers from EDP’s different business areas met at the Avanti 21 facilities in Oviedo to receive training on how to direct their classes in a practical and useful way for charitable organisations, based on their professional skills.

Finance, innovation, energy efficiency, communication and marketing and social responsibility are some of the areas in which the EDP Foundation will train the heads of 32 charitable entities in the coming months. The training will be face-to-face for charitable organisations that would like to attend, but they may also follow it live or go back over the class and additional materials on the EDP Foundation website.

The classes for volunteer teachers given by EDP and the consultant Stone Soup will take place in May and June and follow-up tutorials will be added to them.

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