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EDP takes part in the IX Women's Race in Vitoria-Gasteiz




Yet again this year, a charity initiative is underway that affects all women: the fight against breast cancer. By the end of 2013, the organisers of the Women’s Race will have donated a further €50,000 to the fight against breast cancer, which will be added to the 420,000 raised for this cause since 2004.

EDP wishes to support this initiative by sponsoring the race that will be held in Vitoria-Gasteiz on 9 June. We will also have an advertising presence in different parts of the event:

  • 2 EDP inflatables in the Plaza Amadeo García Salazar square.
  • EDP Arch at Start and Finish, in Paseo de Cervantes.
  • 10 banners/pennants along start and finish stretch.
  • EDP logo in the local sponsors section of the Official Poster.
  • 1 page of advertising in the official magazine.
  • Leaflet/entry form with the logo.
  • 30 metres of canvas sheeting/signs on both sides of the Paseo.
  • Advertising or promotional elements in the gift bags that will be handed out to the participants.
  • EDP logo on the adverts that will be published in the El Correo newspaper.
  • EDP logo on the Photo Call backdrop next to the stage.
  • Trophies presented by an EDP representative.

The race is 5 km long and is open to everyone, but only women will have a bib. If you are not used to running, the good thing about this race is that you don’t have to do so, as over half the competitors in previous years walked most of route.

It is also a good opportunity to spend a fun day, when you can enjoy with your friends and family the many activities: aerobic festivals, concerts, gifts, etc.

You can find more information and the link to the registration page to enter at http://www.carreradelamujer.com/.

Come on and… run!

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