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“EDP Solidaria 2020” to assist with 14 projects in Spain




The EDP Foundation has now completed its assessment of the projects submitted for “EDP Solidaria 2019”. The Foundation has chosen 14 of the 73 initiatives presented, and they will receive a total package of 600,000 euros.

Some of the projects are the following:

“Energy efficiency and a proper environment to repair the damage done, as the Right of Boys, Girls and Teenagers in care at Fundación Hogar de San José”, Mental Health Care in the rural environment of AFESA/FEASE/Asturias, and “RehabilitArte con Energía”: a combination of energy rehabilitation and urban art in vulnerable neighbourhoods by ECODES.

The projects were chosen by a panel of managers in different areas of the company and representatives of B2B customers. They will be implemented shortly under the supervision of volunteer EDP managers.

EDP SOLIDARIA is an EDP Foundation initiative which sets out to help improve the standard of living of people in areas where EDP operates, by means of support for sustainable projects to improve the environment, reduce inequality and move towards building a more just, fair and socially responsible society.

Projects selected by EDP Solidaria 2020

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