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EDP Renováveis engages with publicly-run research centres via an agreement between Fundación EDP and the University of Malaga


Education and Research


Fundación EDP is to provide funding to the tune of €23,600 for a study that seeks to obtain in-depth knowledge of the links between the griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture and Bonelli’s eagle based on the areas occupied by the three species, and on the effects of their population numbers. In the past few decades an increase in the number of griffon vultures has been recorded that is unparalleled among any other bird of prey in mainland Europe, while by contrast the number of Egyptian vultures and Bonelli’s eagles has decreased significantly in Europe in the same period. 

The study is expected to be completed by December 2014. It is directed by University of Malaga lecturers Antonio Román Muñoz Gallego (Department of Teaching of Maths, Social Science and Experimental Science) and Raimundo Real Giménez (Department of Animal Biology). They are both members of research group RNM262 (Biography, Diversity and Conservation). The study is to be conducted nationwide, based on information already published on the distribution of the species involved and an analysis of the ecological requirements of the three species.

The researchers have collected data from all available censuses for the three species taken in recent years, and have determined the variables that affect each species (altitude, relative humidity of the air, distance from population centres, sunlight, solar radiation, evapo-transpiration, slope gradients, etc.).

By studying these variables and the links between them they have marked potential habitats and are now analysing whether the increase in griffon vultures may be affecting the other rock-dwelling species, and what implications this may have for their management and conservation.

When the study is completed both the University of Malaga and Fundación EDP will publish the results in an effort to encourage respect and awareness in society concerning conservation and improvement of the natural environment. They will also coordinate their participation in technical seminars and congresses.

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