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EDP Renewables rolls out TU ENERGÍA in the Spanish Autonomous Region of Aragon


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The sessions, which began on 5 March and concluded yesterday, were held at 20 schools across the provinces of Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza.

The programme was aimed at demonstrating the importance of renewable energies in our daily lives and showcasing their differences with respect to fossil fuels. The programme has allowed EDPR to convey this important aspect to more than 3,200 school children in the region.

The sessions consisted of walking the children through the world of renewable energies using child-friendly characters representing solar, hydraulic, wind, geothermal and biomass energies, allowing them to learn about their different characteristics in an attractive, friendly way and on a level they can understand. The activities, which are accompanied by videos and interactive presentations, help raise the children’s awareness of the importance of responsible energy use and the benefits of using renewables.

The initiative has been extremely well received by teaching staff, who highlighted the importance of this type of programme, emphasising school-based activities as the most effective way to foster sustainable development.

João Paulo Costeria, CEO of EDP Renewables Europe, said: “We have made a firm commitment at EDP Renewables to society and future generations and the TU ENERGÍA programme is the best way to fulfil this commitment. Thanks to this initiative, we can introduce children to the idea of clean energy and make them aware of its importance so that the citizens of tomorrow are committed to the protection and respect for the environment, as well as making them familiar with forms of energy that are already competitive, such as onshore wind power”.

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