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EDP Naturgas Energy gives 14 tons of food to the Food Banks




This amount was used to buy foods of first necessity that are being already an important aid for many of the families who cross a difficult economic situation.

The initiative left from the Program of Voluntary military service of the company. Their coordinators explain the campaign to us and they value the results to us obtained in the same.

Of what the campaign consisted?

The idea was that each worker realized a small shared in common gesture these Christmases, who allowed to realize a contribution destined to the Food Banks of the provinces where we are present. This contribution of money would be destined to the acquisition of foods of first necessity, demanded in each tactical mission by the people in charge of the Banks, to palliating its specific needs. Also Naturgas Energy was committed to donate the same amount contributed by person (20 Euros), who would increase the secured total sum between the workers, for the food purchase.

How received was the proposal? 

From the first moment the answer was incredible. Many people indicated their interest to us in donating amounts majors, that in some cases quintupled the amount of the grant initially anticipated, which originated a blessed problem of control of grants and the overcoming of all the initial forecasts, making of the Campaign a great success.

Which was the obtained economic amount?

When the campaign finalized we had a collection of 16,900 Euros, which seemed to us a very important number. Éramos conscious that we were not going to solve the serious problem that undergoes many people at the moment, but with this good amount managed and turned into foods, we could help a good number of families to bear a little the situation that is touching to them.

You knew which were the high-priority foods?

At first we did not know it and with the purpose of maximizing the last objective of the donation, that was to be able to cover the basic needs contributing the major I number of possible foods, we went to the people in charge of the Food Banks of different geographies (Bilbao, Vitoria, Donostia, Oviedo, Figueres, Merida, Murcia and Cantabria), so that they indicated to us that products we had to buy to cover the immediate deficiencies. On the basis of this information we made a product list (in attached picture), and prepared an order that we distributed between the Food Banks.

Food Kilos
Oil 3.075
Lentils 1.890
Chickpeas 1.860
Beans 1.545
Sugar 3.050
Flour 400
Cookies 1.120
Milk 840
Macaroni 300
TOTAL 14.080

How realized the food was delivery?

Since the workers were the protagonists of the campaign, it seemed to us good idea who were they themselves who made the delivery of products in the Food Banks. For it, volunteers requested themselves and again we had the satisfaction to verify the shared in common spirit of the workers of Naturgas, since the people were many who offered themselves to participate in the delivery. Equipment by each geography was organized, that made contact with the Food Banks, and once realised the deliveries, we could give by finalized the campaign.

Not only we had realized a grant but we had managed the same, selected the most necessary foods, we had optimized the purchase in a great chain of feeding, and finally we had provided to the foods, verifying the degree of satisfaction of the adressee. We had closed the virtuous circle.

Satisfied with the results?

Yes. Since I have already commented, in the Program of Voluntary military service very we are satisfied with the results that we have obtained in this campaign, mainly for three reasons:

First, logically by the aid that doubtless we have taken to many needed people, and that was the objective of the campaign.

Second, that this action has served to us to verify of first hand the great shared in common work which they realize the people and organizations that, like the Food Banks, they come making as far as possible to palliate the situations of social exclusion that the crisis that whips to us is causing between our neighbors.

And third, because we have been able to verify again, that adding small individual gestures of the people of this company, we are able to create a great human equipment. This animates to us to think that we are in a good starting point to realize many more action.

As it shows of shown solidarity, we offer some to you of the images that the own voluntary workers removed with their cameras and mobiles during the deliveries realised in the different Food Banks. Some photographies do not have much resolution, but without a doubt, they are a sample of the quality of the conducted battle.

From the Program of Voluntary military service we want to be thankful for the realised effort again to you, the given collaboration and the fruits obtained in this shared in common campaign.

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