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EDP Foundation provides 8 fully electric cars for the Princesa de Asturias Foundation




These are 100% electric cars, and they were presented by the head of the EDP Foundation in Asturias, Ángel Moraleda, and the head of Sustainable Mobility at EDP Spain, Patricia Cienfuegos, to the director of the Princesa de Asturias Foundation, Teresa Sanjurjo. The ceremony was held at Oviedo's Hotel de la Reconquista.

The cars will cover over 10,000 kilometres in the course of the week, and so this mode of transport will prevent the emission of almost 1,200 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere, a positive impact on air quality similar to 100 new trees.The eight cars were supplied by dealers Hyundai (ASTURDAI), Fiat (Artedo Motor) and Nissan (CYASA), brands operated by the RESNOVA group in the region, and will be recharging their batteries at EDP locations in Asturias, using those at the energy company's own recharging points and also those it has installed in public locations. All eight cars have a large measure of travel autonomy. Two of them are Nissan Leafs, five are Hyundai Konas, and one of them is a Fiat 500.

EDP now has more than 100 electric car recharging points in public locations in the region, an extensive infrastructure fully catering for the needs of car users. It now has more than 350 facilities in Spain.

Users may avail themselves of the innovative platform ‘EDP MOVE ON’ for information on operations and recharging. Not only do they have access to the recharging facilities, but users can also find the company locations, distances, availability and type of connectors, among other functions.

The electric car is the only vehicle with 0% emissions, and is also free of noise pollution. Its efficiency rating triples that of combustion vehicles, and savings in terms of rates for recharging can be as much as 90% in comparison to traditional cars.

The car package boosts the close links between both organisations, and also enhances the commitment undertaken by the Princesa de Asturias Foundation to offset and reduce its carbon footprint during the week of the awards.

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