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EDP customers donate more than 89,000 euros to charitable and environmental projects




EDP's customers have donated a total of 89,200 euros to ten NGOs, through the company’s "Responsible Points" initiative. Through this action, which is part of the EDP's loyalty programme, customers donate the points that they have accumulated to various NGOs. In turn, the EDP Foundation contributes an equal amount and the sum of both contributions is translated into a monetary amount, the final destination of which is the charitable and environmental projects of organisations chosen by the customers. The amount handed over relates to the points contributed during 2016.

In 2016, customers donated a total of 44,592,000 points. The following table shows the distribution by customers.

The commitment of EDP and its customers to the projects and activities of these organisations dates back to 2006. Since then, the Foundation has given more than 350,000 euros.

The EDP loyalty programme rewards customers with a number of points that they can obtain in various ways: for every kWh consumed on a regular basis, by associating new contracts, by length of time in the programme or by participating in the company’s initiatives. Customers can redeem them for savings on bills, gifts, tickets to social and cultural events and there is also the possibility of donating them to an NGO, making them "Responsible Points".

 Cáritas  30%
 Cruz Roja  22%
 Cocina Económica  20%
 Fundación Síndrome de Down  8%
 Plantación árboles  6%
 Teléfono de la Esperanza  5%
 DYA  5%
 Energía sin Fronteras  3%

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