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Bilbao holds its second edition of "One drawing, one tree"




For the second consecutive year, the EDP Foundation has undertaken an initiative that consists of handing out 1,000 cherry tree seedlings to children, who will swap them for a nature-related picture painted by themselves. It has a dual goal: on the one hand, to improve biodiversity by planting trees and, on the other, to raise awareness among children on the need to care for the environment.

And, despite the rain that accompanied the event for a while, the goal was achieved, with the participation of children and their parents, who wanted to share this educational and recreational event as a family. Thanks also to the participation of characters from the Viva Nuestra Energia [Long Live Our Energy] educational programme, who livened up the event.

The Wildlife Protection Fund (FAPAS), an NGO with which the EDP Foundation has undertaken numerous projects linked to conserving and protecting the environment, also helped with handing out the cherry tree seedlings. In addition to the cherry tree seedlings, the children and their families received instructions on how to plant them, from preparing the ground, planting the trees and irrigating them. The cherry tree is a tree of great environmental value, because it produces fruit for much of the Cantabrian fauna, as well as being a very resistant species. The EDP Foundation has planted more than 80,000 trees with these replanting initiatives.

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