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As a socially responsible company, EDPR continues to develop programs for the conservation of biodiversity and the environment




In November of 2019, the EDP Foundation signed a framework partnership agreement with GREFA—a group for the rehabilitation of native fauna and its habitat. This non-governmental, non-profit organization is dedicated to the study and conservation of nature and wildlife.

Among the initiatives carried out within this framework partnership agreement, the following are highlighted: the contribution to the Monachus Project through the annual funding for radio-tagging and monitoring of black vultures, the financing of the study of the impact of the Urraca Miguel waste treatment center on protected and threatened avifauna, as well as the adjustment of a power line that, despite not being part of EDPR’s infrastructures, served as a main cause of accidents involving birds.

This last initiative was successfully completed last August, thanks to intense field work, the close relationship with the Castilla and León committee for territorial service of the environment, the good will of the owner of the power line, and the joint efforts of GREFA and EDPR to improve the environment.

The adjustment of the power line in Urraca Miguel was necessary due to several factors such as the power line’s close proximity to the waste treatment center, its interruption of the usual route for birds between their habitat and their hunting area and its lack of adequate protection measures against electrocution and collision.

Adjustment of the power line began in early August, and eleven days later, the anti-electrocution measures were completed. In the middle of the month, the anti-collision elements were put in place, which ended the first phase of this initiative. A total of 11 supports, which were marked as dangerous, have been adjusted, and 35 state-of-the-art bird-saving reflective markers have been placed.

The completion of this initiative was carried out by EDPR and its commitment to the environment, biodiversity, and wildlife. If want to know about more initiatives like this, you can find them listed in our biodiversity measures portfolio.

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