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2015 Responsible Points




The “Points” programme is a totally free one that rewards customers with a series of points for being an EDP customer. The accumulated points can be exchanged for gifts or donated to charity projects run by different NGOs. These are known as “Responsible Points”.

In 2015, EDP customers donated 33,628,000 "responsible points”. The EDP Foundation, which would like to thank all the donors, matched the points like-for-like. The equivalent amount in money came to €67,200, which has been distributed as follows:

 Cáritas  31,0%
 Cocina Económica  23,1%
 Cruz Roja  17,7%
 Fundación Síndrome de Down  7,9%
 DYA  4,6%
 Plantación Árboles  4,2%
 Teléfono de la Esperanza  4,2%
 Nuevo Futuro  2,8%
 Energía sin Fronteras  2,5%
 Fundación OSO  2,1%

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