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Why visit an EDP production centre?

The EDP programme to visit its production centres is part of the company's corporate social responsibility actions and seeks to establish a transparent, open and close contact with the community. The visit is an opportunity to learn more about the activities of the company and the different electricity generation processes.

Who can take part in the EDP Visit Programme?

The visits are aimed mainly at students in compulsory and upper secondary education and at university, along with anybody belonging to different associations, institutions, neighbours' associations, etc., who want to learn about the EDP production centres and request the visit.

What is the minimum age to go on the visit?

School children, 14 and over. In other words, from the 3rd year of ESO (compulsory secondary education).

What are the requirements for the visit?

The school must have the relevant authorisation of each student or, as applicable, of their parents and/or guardians, to go on the visit. The minimum recommended age is 8 years old to ensure that the visitors can understand and internalise the production processes.

How long does the visit last?

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How far in advance should the visit be arranged?

We recommend that you arrange the visit, at least, one month in advance, to ensure that it is planned properly to meet your needs.

Please note that visits to the power stations take place once a week and if you are interested in a specific date, we recommend that you reserve it as soon as possible.

Who should accompany the students?

The students must be accompanied by their teachers or coordinators responsible for the group throughout the trip.

What recommendations have to be taken into account to visit the EDP power stations?

An energy production centre is a high-security facility. Entrance to the complex may entail risks and it is therefore necessary to abide by all the rules for the visit and following the instructions of the guide.

What is the maximum group size for the visit?

The group should be no larger than 25 people to guarantee the safety and control of the group during the visit.

How can I arrange a visit?

You need to fill in the “Visit Booking" form that you will find on the website to arrange the visit.

EDP will send you an email confirming the date of the visit.

If you want to know which dates are available, you can phone 902 830 100 Ext. 51173

What should I do if the school needs to change the date of the visit?

You will need to phone us on 902 830 100 Ext. 51173 if you want to change the date or cancel a confirmed booking.

On which days can the power stations be visited?

Each of the power stations that can be visited as part of the EDP Visit Programme has a day of the week allocated to be visited. More information is available on the datasheet for each centre.

Which power stations can be visited?

The EDP in Spain power stations that can be visited are:

  • Proaza Hydraulic Power Station.
  • Soto de Ribera Thermal Power Station.
  • Aboño Thermal Power Station.
  • Soto de Ribera Combined Cycle Power Station.
  • Castejón Combined Cycle Power Station.

Please phone use on 902 830 100 Ext 51173 if you want to visit another power station.

How much does the visit cost?

Visits to the EDP production centres are free.

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