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Family Fun Run



The Family Race is a recreational event which encompasses basic elements such as sport, health and family. There are a number of participants and it is held annually. The EDP Foundation co-sponsors it with the Correo Group

Featured News

  • II Getxo Family Fun Run 10.27.2014

    The EDP FOUNDATION sponsored a fun run, with a 1.5 km route along Ereaga beach, for family groups, of between 2 and 10 members.


  • III Green Family Hike 09.29.2014

    The people on this family hike agreed it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, as it combined charity with the great outdoors, as the money raised went to Cáritas.


  • EDP FOUNDATION gets its running shoes on in Bilbao 05.19.2014

    The EDP FOUNDATION sponsored the family fun run held in Bilbao 18 May with over 3,000 runners of all ages.


  • 1st edition of the Family Race in Bilbao 05.20.2012

    The EDP Foundation sponsored the first edition of the Family Race in collaboration with the Correo Group on the right bank of the river in Bilbao.


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