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Environmental Volunteering



As part of the EDP "Parte de Nosotros Ambiental" ["It’s Up to Us"] global campaign, a environmental volunteering day in Spain was held and 115 volunteers, including employees, family and friends, took part.

Activities were organised in:

  • Caleruega (Burgos). During the day, 45 volunteers were involved in different activities releasing birds, plantings trees, putting up bird box and environmental educational tasks.
  • Clean-up of the Barrika beach (Bizkaia), which is rocky and difficult to access. Two tons of non-organic waste and, above all, a great deal of wood were collected. The local council asked that the wood be piled up on the beach to be burnt during the Sanjuanada festivities on 24 June.
  • Volunteers planted trees in Teverga (Asturias) and were able to visit 2 experimental bee hives. These were used to explain to the volunteers the importance of pollination to conserve the biodiversity and how those beehive models withstood attacks by brown bears.

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