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Cooperation with MIGRES Foundation



The Migres Foundation is a not-for-profit private entity that fosters research on the phenomenon of bird migration and organise activities aimed at sustainable development. The Migres Foundation has become an international benchmark in this field.

In 2003, EDPR and the other members of the Tarifa Wind Power Association (AET) signed agreements with the Migres Foundation to work on the Countervailing Measures project for La Janda wind power parks. After approving it, the members of the AET commissioned the Migres Foundation to execute the project, which runs until 2020.

The Migres Foundation has therefore implemented different environmental measures and projects in the wind power parks whose final objects are to reduce bird mortality in the different parks, establish the degree to which that mortality affects local populations and, finally, to conduct specific studies and recovery programmes for some of the species in question.

The Migres Foundation also works on awareness-raising among the local population in aspects related to conserving the natural environment and renewable energies.

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